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Recent Renovation completed

DeSimone Building Company has just completed a wonderful renovation project in Dennisport, MA for Steve & Mary Ippolito from Burlington, MA.

2013-10-02 13.05.49.jpg

The project was started in Novemeber 2013 and completed just in time for Summer or "Summa". The scope of work was a complete "Gut Job" down to the bones or sticks and bricks. It is always a challenge doing these renovations as you can only hope and pray that there are not too many surprises and this job due to the age of the house was no different and had a few surprises for us but nothing we couldn't handle. the construction was quite typical of this type of renovation but with a nonheated house and one off the ocean we had a lot of things to consider to keep the home tight, well insulated from the impeding enviroment. A few things worth noting was the insulation we selected. We decided an open foam insulation would be best and it prooved itself worthy as we filled every crack and open void.


Another fantastic product we selected was an unfinished Engineered floor system. Due to the humidity we knew we would get in the warm summer months, the engineered floor system was a homerun and only slightly more than standard engineered lumber. The beauty of this floor is, it will not move in humid times as it is pre-engineered but it is also an unfinshed product so you can have sanded and finished to your personal selections. I am happy to report after visiting the house this past week this floor looks as it did the day I left so a very good decision was made by my homeowners.



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